If you turned Drynuary into Wineuary then Ill take it!…..

Someone posted an article on FB the other day about how they’re progressing on their “Drynuary ” experience thus far –  have you heard of this? It’s somewhat of a combination of a New Years resolution combined with the month of Lent – but instead of giving up meat you have to give up – hush – dare I say it: ….. Alcohol.

I suppose it’s somewhat of an effort to redeem what’s left of your liver after all the excess drinking over the holidays.

I read the entire article (while sipping my second glass of wine) and thought to myself- hmmm….let’s just add this to my list of things I will NEVER, EVER, EVER do. Right up there with juicing and fasting.

Coincidentally, the universe was aligned because literally the other day I had my first green smoothie – Ever.

I know what you’re thinking- liar, liar, pants on fire! –

How can Ms. Healthy Balsamfitsecret really never have had a green smoothie before?

As always, I only speak the truth – when I tell you that it never appealed to me to drink my calories – I am an eater and always will be – I grew up in a house with food that was out at all times of the day and night- (I still say it’s truly a miracle that I didn’t weigh 800 pounds as a child. I’m pretty sure that if you go to my childhood home- although long sold and out of my parents estate- you can probably still find a pizza and a donut hidden in the corner behind a plant) but it did provoke me to learn and implement healthy eating habits the minute I got out of Dodge.

I just simply crave food….the chewing and the preparing- it’s somewhat of a ritual for me to make my healthy salads and add my crunchy nuts , salmon, avocado, greens – my super foods – I just love to eat whole, natural foods- A LOT of them- I never count calories or measure and I don’t believe in chemical protein powders or anything processed.

But out of sheer curiosity, the other day I decided to blend kale, spinach, apple, fresh ginger, celery and lemon – granted I don’t own a magic bullet (although I am tempted to buy one because they probably make delicious Bloody Mary’s ) so I had to settle for my 4 year old blender- which may have had an effect on the quality of the pureeing but nevertheless, the taste was the same… AWFUL.

It was like drinking a salad…..Only without the zingy dressing, crunchy nuts or zesty lemony omega three loaded protein.

Now, I’m no rookie to smoothies. I think I posted about them when I first started blogging some 7 or 8 years ago….. I‘ve been blending nonfat plain Greek yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon and stevia for years.

I adore the almond milk fruit combos – only they are just snacks to hold me over until the next meal.

But the concept of juicing – of drinking your meals- never really resonated with me.

So I had to stop and think for a moment about this whole belief of abstaining from something you love.

With juicing you abstain from food.

With a new years resolution such as “drynuary”: you abstain from drinking the fruits of heaven on Earth.

Lesson Learned:

Unless you’re planning to become a monk, abstaining from something natural – such as wine – makes as much sense as abstaining from sex…..NONE.

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