Your GUT is always right….now put down the nachos

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I had to take my 11 year old to the doctor because of her stomach pains that have been consistent for a few weeks.

Although I was relieved when it turned out not to be anything serious, I was still slightly devastated that the reasons for her agony stemmed from (as she cringes while typing it:)…her poor diet.

How could it be that Ms. Balsamfitsecret who preaches  the merits of eating healthy could have a child with such poor eating habits?

Now I know what you’re all thinking – you probably think that I’m this health Nazi who won’t let her kids eat junk. On the contrary!! – actually that’s the problem- I did not want them to grow up feeling deprived and then rebel once they are old enough to buy their own food and become obese adults .

You see, I grew up in a house of junk. Literally and figuratively- junk was out at all times of the day.

My house was the house everyone wanted to come to because we had no curfew and junk food was available and sitting out all day and all night (that’s because everyone was too lazy to put anything away and my mom-love you dearly if your reading this – is a pack rat and let’s just say the opposite of a germaphobe.

She would bring home stray dogs she’d find in the parking lot of the local grocery store despite the fact that my father was not an animal lover and asked her not to. It was always the same story; We would keep the dog for a few weeks until it tore apart everything since no one bothered to train it or walk it and then one day I’d come home from school and it was gone with no explanation other than “ he had to go”. I didn’t ask then – and I won’t ask now – where they went but I suspect that farm story that they told me was slightly fabricated.

In my house growing up with 3 brothers and 3 male cousins who were always around playing ball, wrestling and giving each other wedgies and titty twisters, the last thing anyone cared about was healthy eating.

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So I suppose you can say that I rebelled from the filth by becoming a clean freak myself and learning how to eat healthy was something that started out as an obsession in my late teens and evolved into a passion throughout my entire adult life. I have studied nutrition for over twenty years and became certified in all things fitness. Even though I do not work at a gym, as a financial advisor I do consult and preach the virtues of healthy habits to my clients.

SO there I stood at the doctors office being lectured about how terrible processed foods are for the digestive system. (ummmmm- duh?)

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After a few minutes of letting HIM lecture ME- I decided to join him on his soapbox and no longer justify “they’re just kids” excuse for eating processed foods that I know are terrible for them – or for anyone for that matter. The irony is that I would never eat the things I allow my kids to eat. I eat whole natural foods, healthy fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables  and rarely anything processed…..and for the most part so do they- at least at HOME while I’m serving it to them. I have cut up fruits and vegetables always at the ready to grab and go. I have chicken and fish prepared every night for dinner.

So why the mea culpa what they decide to eat in school or swim practice or friends houses??

Because junk food is called that for a reason. If you put junk into your body your stomach will let you know it’s not ok with that. Trust your gut- LITERALLY!!

Don’t get me wrong; of course I will still let them have dessert at restaurants and ice cream at the beach. Yes, they are just kids and everyone no matter what age should enjoy some indulgence here and there. I am already pretty good about not buying processed foods but will pack them even more healthful choices so they are not tempted to trade their cut up mango for Doritos.

Lesson Learned :

Even when you know you’re right about healthy living yet don’t do what your gut is telling you to, you can end up doing more damage than you ever considered. Rule of thumb is to always stick to your gut and it will lead to a healthy one!

Back by popular demand next week some more healthy eating tips, recipes and of course- the preaching of the benefits of WINE!

have a great weekend! go enjoy happy hour!

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