When you’re full of it just blend it out…..

I recently bought myself a magic bullet. I know what you’re thinking- what a hypocrite after I just wrote a blog about how I hate juicing not even 3 weeks ago. True, I still agree that juicing as a meal replacement is like drinking a salad-  only not as tasty -and just doesn’t work for me.

Now that I am no longer a toddler and not quite an old lady, I still prefer to CHEW my food. But I soon discovered that there are other benefits that can be obtained from an over priced kitchen gadget that can chop up a stalk of celery within 4 seconds, other than being too lazy to actually use your teeth.

Hear me out.

Flash back 2 weeks ago. I spent the entire weekend in bed sick as a dog. I felt more nauseated than ever before (and yes I even took a pregnancy test – almost disappointed when turned out negative -not because I want another baby – please, I cringe just imagining the amount of work it would take to lose that weight at my age – but for the simple reason that it would explain the symptoms and at least I would know the issue wasn’t related to drinking too much.)

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When that came back negative, I just dismissed it as going way overboard with my Friday night cheat meal the night before (which if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I allow myself weekends to indulge in fun foods which always starts with happy hour. I pride myself on my ability to gain 100 pounds on the weekends and lose 102 by Tuesday.

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But this time it was different. I felt so sick I ended up having to go to urgent care which started a series of tests – from cat scan, pelvic exam, ultrasound and GI exams. Let’s just say I put my insurance card to work. The results- all came back that I am healthy as a horse- with only one issue…I am extremely constipated. Or, as my husband just loves to point out and remind me constantly –

I am literally full of sh$t.

After trying the doctors advice of adding mirilax to my ice coffee which only made the problem significantly worse – I decided to take out my magic cauldron and experiment with my own natural homeopathic recipes.

Image result for witch cauldron funny

I have always been a big fan of using natural roots and herbs in my every day diet and I drink lemon water with ginger root every single day, but I decided to take my elixir a step further.

After a few times of mixing all different types of ingredients together (and having to spit out most of them) I came up with the perfect blend that fixed my problem almost instantly. And from there a star was born.

I have now been adding in a green(ish) smoothie to my every day diet in between meals.

I admit, it’s somewhat of an acquired taste and takes getting used to. But let’s be honest, if you can convince yourself that you like Beer in college just because it was the cheapest way to get drunk at a frat party then you certainly can convince yourself to like a green smoothie!

Lesson learned:

Sometimes we tend to rule out or dismiss things that don’t make sense to us at first but you never know when you may need to use them in a different form. Be open minded and good things will come!

Now for some big news!…..

I have also decided to enhance my blog and coming soon I will be adding a full website which will include all kinds of easy healthy recipes, even easier yet impactful exercises and all kinds of other good stuff- so be on the lookout!

Now for my easy digestive restorative healing recipe for a low calorie and (not so ) delicious (but good enough) natural health smoothie:

Blend the following together:

1 teaspoon flax seeds

¼ piece of raw ginger root (cut off the outside peel)

¼ lemon (also cut off the peel)

½ cup unsweetened coconut water (can use distilled water but coconut adds a flavorful punch)

1 truvia packet

1 cup kale (a vegetable I find to be absolutely vile tasting but when blended I don’t even detect its flavor yet still benefit from its many health benefits such as Vitamins A,C, B and K as well as folate, Alpha- Linolenic and Omega 3 fatty acids

1-cup butter lettuce or spinach (your choice)

2 mini cucumbers

Optional: 1/8-teaspoon sheep sorrel root (powder form)

Optional: 1/8-teaspoon burdock root (powder form)

Optional: 1/8 teaspoon turkish rhubarb root (powder)

½ cup frozen blueberries

¼ avocado (optional but adds consistency and healthy fat- feel free to just eat it with carrot sticks instead while you’re blending your smoothie)

1 celery stick

4 strawberries

Cinnamon (optional)

Email me with recipes, comments and feedback always welcome!

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