Ask the experts but wait until the commercial…..

Whenever I get a few extra minutes at the end of my workout I try and take some time to talk to the trainers about diet and exercise. Well, some of them at least. You see, the personal trainers at my gym tend to cater to an older crowd so there are a few who take advantage of the fact that some older people don’t really feel like working out entirely and like to chat and take long breaks in between sets.

One trainer in particular loves to strategically place his clients on a machine that faces the TV. He knows that without fail the person will inevitably finish the set and take a long break to watch the segment and start discussing it with him. I once put my phone stopwatch on and timed how long of a break he took just chatting with his client- 18 minutes! Do you know how many activities you can squeeze into 18 minutes? There have been instances where my entire workout lasted just 17 minutes. I felt like going up to her and offering to to watch TV with her for $100 an hour instead of the pretense of working out with someone who’s already doing just that.

But not all trainers are that lazy and  I like to hear their opinions and advice that they offer to their clients. For the most part their exercises are pretty basic and safe (a philosophy I adhere to and practice daily- I am so not into the crazy fitness fads when athletes try and show off their agility and core strength by standing upside down on a BOSU balancing on their finger nails with only their gel polish holding their entire body up – these showy types turn me off and most often than not injure themselves).

(this was the before shot…)

Nope, I am a big fan of the basics. They are safe, easy to follow and most importantly; they work. Exercise should be fun and tolerable and at the very least- get you motivated to just move.

So when I overheard one of the trainers giving his client what he referred to as a great diet plan I just had to listen.

He started out just right with a breakfast that consisted of fruit, lean protein (like eggs) and a healthy carbohydrate such as oatmeal (although oats are technically not gluten they still will affect those with celiac disease so should be avoided if that’s the case- and I don’t mean those people who are self proclaimed gluten free preachers who just avoid eating it because they think it’s fattening.)

So far, so good….

Then he suggested as a mid morning snack that she drink a protein shake either chocolate or vanilla flavor or eat a protein bar.

And that’s where I lost him…. I just had to hold myself back from getting up on my soapbox and preaching about the accolades of eating pure whole ingredients – foods that consist of ONE ingredient (like fish, avocados, fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts etc.) – not the protein shakes that are loaded with chemicals such as, but not limited to- (just love that phrase, I use it a lot) soy lecithin, corn maltodextrin, cocoa powder processed with alkali, artificial flavor, whey protein isolate, carrageenan, xanthan gum…. the list of unpronounceable goes on and on.

What exactly is healthy about all that?

I suppose I could be wrong?

And besides, unless you’re a marathoner or triathlete, the average person doesn’t need all that added protein in a day to build muscle, especially those that workout in between TV segments.

But I kept my mouth shut and mumbled something to myself as I tend to do and went on with my day.

Lesson Learned:

Not all professionals are authorities or experts in what they are supposed to know. Sometimes knowledge comes from doing your own research and asking questions.

Have a great workout!

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