The Emperors new sushi roll…..

I was reading an article last night in the NY Post (which, if you’re not from NY or simply not familiar with the publication, it’s known to be like the red headed step child of the NY Times, only it’s so much more fun – that I consider it more like it’s cool single uncle instead.)

Not only does it sum up important world events (albeit in the very back of the paper right next to the classifieds- you kind of have to search a few times for it, at least I’m told it’s there) but it gives detailed information about things that are truly important – such as more supercilious things Gwyneth wrote on Goop, which bar mitzvah Paris Hilton earned $1million for her unlimited skills at DJaying and what Kimye’s daughter, North, wore to fashion week, .

So when I came across the article about the hottest new sushi restaurant in NYC, Kappo Massa, I just couldn’t help but giggle. The column described this hot spot as the trendiest, most exclusive place that serves only the “1%” and of course, Mr. and Mrs. George Clooney (they apparently ate there twice so it must be cool!)

The best part about the description of the place is that not only is the food so very expensive ($240 for ONE  particular roll) but –wait for it- it’s not even good. You heard me, the food seemingly is subpar – and that’s on a good night.

But the joke is, no one seems to care.

One patron was quoted as saying even the anorexics put up with the prices because – “they can.”

This reminded me of a story I used to love when I was little:  ‘The Emperors new clothes’.

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this one but I’ll spell it out anyway.

Stupid fools who try and boast about the money they have to burn and enjoy spending $1400 on a bottle of Moet are so easily convinced that they are spending their money just to be exclusive when really the restaurant owners are the ones laughing all the way to the bank (along with the emperor’s tailor).

It reminded me of a country club next door to the one I live in that recently just raised its fees- without renovating or updating or adding anything new to offer to their members- all because they want to keep the place “exclusive”.

Lesson Learned:

Fools be fools.

As someone who’s been providing financial advice for many years now, I say if you want good sushi there are plenty of places that will keep you satiated for under $14 a roll – save the $300 rolls for when you go out for dinner with the Emperor and his new cloak.

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