six pack trash, i mean abs…..

Sunday mornings are the one day a week that I take a spin class. It’s the only day I can stay for the full 55 minutes and I look forward to it – mostly because its taught by a 72 year old instructor who doesn’t see very well which means I can get away with riding slowly when I’m just a little tired  (which is code for slightly hungover).

We hear many things about wine, especially when we are first getting interested in this elixir. Some of the stories have some truth, some not so much.  Here are five common myths that are mistakenly believed to be true among new wine enthusiasts.  All Wines Are Meant To Age False …

It also means he can’t hear very well so I have to use earplugs because the volume is set so high that I probably could take my road bike out for a few miles and still hear the playlist enough to feel like I’m in the actual spin class.

But what I love most of all is that I can ease into the work (and workout) week –with a light ride to get my juices flowing, and prepare myself mentally to get back into clean eating after a weekend of too many cheat meals.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you’ll already know that I live a very clean lifestyle. But I do most definitely enjoy my weekends and allow myself another glass of wine (ok, 3) usually followed by leftover pizza (which I’m not ashamed to admit I sometimes salvage out of the garbage when no one is looking- just after my kids throw it away – if I’m lucky, they sometimes throw it away still in the box- which I justify does not fit into the garbage can so its not really touching the actual garbage – but to be honest I’ve been known to pull a George Costanza and dig it right out regardless if in a box or not)

Yup, I pride myself on my ability to gain 1000 pounds on a Saturday and lose 1002 by Tuesday. This has been my system for years and I wholeheartedly believe that cheating is good for you when you generally live a clean lifestyle.

But it DOES catch up…..

But as I age I find that my body doesn’t work as efficiently as it used to. It used to be that if I wanted to lose 5 pounds I’d just skip my daily Baby Ruth bar. Then in my early 30’s I cut out sugar altogether and losing a few extra weekend pounds was easy breezy.

But in my mid 40’s I’m finding that perhaps Suzanne Sommers is right and hormones do affect your metabolism (although I feel more like Mrs. Roper when it comes to my sex drive)

I suppose the reality is I simply don’t care as much about having the perfect body builder figure anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I will always care about health and fitness I am just not as hard on myself as I used to be – and having an eight pack isn’t my priority – I will gladly settle for four (glasses of wine).


I will always stay in shape and keep a clean lifestyle but I also allow myself to enjoy and indulge.

Lesson Learned:

You don’t have to catch yourself eating out of a garbage to realize that old habits die hard.

It’s ok to indulge and over do it from time to time. Allow yourself once or twice a week to do just that. As long as the rest of the week you stay focused on your goal of healthy living and exercise.

More fun and easy recipes (that do not come from the trash) to come!

Now for your viewing pleasure click link below:

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