Eat your breakfast …just not in a poop bag

The other day I saw a commercial for a brand of rice that is microwaveable and can be heated up and eaten straight out of the plastic bag it comes in. I felt like I was watching a magic show where the magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat in just 90 seconds –Abra Cadabra !! Hocus Pocus!! – Just like that! (And then puts it in a plastic bag and eats it-kidding!)

Now I’m sure this is not a new invention- I just never bother to peruse the plastic rice bag aisle at Publix so perhaps I’m just out of the loop. But it made me wonder why anyone would need to eat out of a plastic bag in the first place? Are we that much of a fast food nation that we have to have our meals done in 90 seconds that we can’t even wait the extra 3 seconds to pour it into a bowl and eat with manners???

Image result for rice in bag funny

It all seems so unnecessary. Unless you’re on the Lunar rover mission with Sandra Bullock on the moon  and just too upset about Clooney drifting away- why would anyone want to eat out of a plastic bag?

It reminded me of the debate I have every morning with my gym partner – about which one of us eats the best breakfast. It’s kind of our own version of ‘who wore it best’?

While we both agree that an omelet is top choice for keeping our girlish figures (even though he’s a guy), we also agree that there’s not always time to whip one up before work.

He insists that his protein bar is low carb, high protein and low calorie. I insist that his candy- I mean “protein” bar is high in chemicals, high in sugar and low in nutrition. It’s just a really good marketing campaign from the billion dollar processed food industry to push fast food- in the form of convenient, easy to carry processed bars – heavily and creatively promoted as an acceptable health food. Basically it’s a way for health conscious people to justify eating a candy bar.

I, on the other hand, when pushed for time, like to grab a ready-made cup from the refrigerator that I prepare the night before. (And if I end up having time to make an omelet I just eat the ready-made cup as a snack when I get home!)

It contains Greek yogurt, 100% rolled oats (never instant or flavored!- Those are loaded with sugar), berries, cinnamon and stevia. Sometimes instead of oats I add mushed up sweet potato- ( I know, sounds gross – as most of my recipes often do – but don’t knock it until you try it. The texture of the sweet potato is actually amazing and thick.)

I’ve made worse concoctions in my recipes  than that.

Image result for gross recipes combinations funny

Or I’ll blend a smoothie with almond milk, natural peanut butter, cinnamon, stevia and berries – takes 30 seconds.

You have to understand that I work out at 5:30 am so when I get back from the gym I’m ravenous and usually grab a cold piece of leftover salmon from the fridge before I even jump in the shower. That’s my first breakfast. A couple of hours later- still way too early for lunch, is when I eat my second breakfast as described above.

So essentially I eat two breakfasts.

But the point is this…..Even when in a rush there’s always time to eat –properly- in a real bowl.

Just takes a little planning.

Lesson Learned:

Save the planet one step at a time by eating real food made from real ingredients on a real dish. Save the plastic bags for picking up dog poop.

Now for your viewing pleasure:

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