Teach your children well or else wash their mouth out with soap…..

I took my daughter shopping yesterday- and even though I love spending time with her –shopping to me, is like sitting in a classroom forced to listen to the teacher run her nails down the chalkboard. I just hate it. Always have and probably always will (unless they figure out a way where I don’t actually have to go anywhere and can magically get new clothes delivered to my door step. – oh wait?)…

Which is exactly why I buy everything online.

I have a little system with my UPS guy. He comes to my house every single day, rain or shine, even if he doesn’t have a package to deliver- he knows I’ll always have a a return waiting by my front door with a little piece of candy on top (I always give him candy – he calls me “Sugar” – it’s kind of our thing.)

Shopping in person at a retail store is like torture to me. But sometimes I simply can’t get away with shopping online for certain dressy items and inevitably have to actually take my daughter to a department store.

So when we were ready to check out, there was a woman in front of me (whom incidentally also was shopping with her daughter that appeared to be the same age as mine). The girl was on her phone texting while the mom was paying. She turned to her daughter and said:

“Wow, we just bought you a lot of great stuff today – I hope you enjoy them!”

A nice, normal thing to say after you just spent time and money shopping with your child.

But what came next is what really shocked me. Her daughter, still looking down at her phone, responded with:

“ Shut up mom! I’m trying to read my text!”

Both my daughter and I looked at each other with jaws dropped.

I simply could not believe that a child would talk that way to her mother. But even more so, what came after.


The mother did not say a word in response. She simply finished paying and off they went.

Now, I’m not going to claim that I have the perfect children, but I will most definitely say that if either of my kids even thought to think of me in that manner, let alone speak to me that way, I would literally wash their mouths out with soap.

But who am I to judge? I just write about it. Publicly. On the internet.

A little while later, we made a quick stop into the Dollar store to buy some candy (for the UPS guy) and in line at the checkout was another little girl checking out with her mother. She had just bought her a $3 toy/trinket.

After the mom finished paying, the daughter immediately said to her:

“Thank you so much mommy – I love it!”

And all was redeemed.

The universe was whole again.

Lesson Learned:

Teach your children well.

You don’t need a Crosby Stills and Nash song to know that as a parent it’s all up to you.

And now for your listening pleasure:

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