Where is Larry the Cable Guy when I need him?….

I find all this electoral talk to be fascinating. Not because the candidates are anything special this time around, they never are, and not because of the hot topics and campaign agendas, those don’t do it for me either.

But what I find to be the most captivating aspect about the 2016 election is that these candidates and every presidential candidate before them all think they are running for the most powerful job in the world.

But they have it all wrong.

The most powerful job in the world is not POTUS but rather, it’s – the cable guy.

No one has as much clout or power as the cable guy. And they are even more coveted when they are supposed to show up and then don’t. You just want them even more.

When your cable TV is out, nothing is more important than that window when you’re waiting for a technician to show.

I can go days with out shampoo or fresh groceries but being left without television and Internet…. that’s like being stranded in the Sahara desert without water.

I sat there waiting for my cable guy all day. Even though I was given a two-hour window I still was not able to go about enjoying my day because I had to be around to be able to fly back home within minutes before they move on to the next appointment and mark my ticket as closed…. which is exactly what happened.

Then, when the technician did not show up I still was unable to secure a new time slot because those apparently are more coveted than a rose from the Bachelor.

Now, as I sit in a hot spot somewhere near my neighbors backyard, I hope she does not catch me and think Im snooping (like she always does).

Image result for peeping in bushes funny

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes we put too much emphasis and weight on what we are told most important, like say the upcoming 2016 electoral candidates. But all it takes is something simple, like having to actually talk to your husband because the TV is out, to make us realize who are the true important people in or world….FB friends and Instagram!

Hope this gets to you! Have a great Monday!

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