Easy Egg white omelet –with spice!


  •  One 16 Oz. carton of liquid egg whites or whole eggs but limit yolk to two eggs per meal.
  • Spices (I prefer turmeric **- it’s a great way to sneak in the value of this but not the bitter taste!), I also like paprika, pepper and sometimes I add wheatgrass and dandelion root powders but not necessary
  • Vegetables- any and all! I love red peppers, kale, avocado and mushrooms in my omelet but feel free to add diced onions, lox, and broccoli – the more you ad d the more bang for your buck!!!

In my opinion, eggs should be one of the main protein sources in your daily routine- Not only are they so easy that your kids can make them for themselves (or for you – Let’s change breakfast in bed from cold cereal to omelets!)

But they are also an inexpensive protein and loaded with Riboflavin and Selenium and it’s low in saturated fat and cholesterol.


** Turmeric is a natural root used to treat and prevent arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain, intestinal gas and even cancer.



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