40 calorie “Chocolate Milk” shake

The big “diet” fad in the market place is to increase your intake of protein and everyone and their brother will try and sell you a version of a supplement that can be found in every gym, online and health food stores .

But before you go out and scoop a few spoonfuls into your morning smoothie, here’s the real scoop on the matter….

The average person does not need that much protein in a day. Most Americans already get about 15% of their daily calories from other sources and the body only needs about an additional 10-15 grams of protein to build muscle- which really isn’t much. Some of these easily accessible and heavily marketed protein powders have 80 grams of protein per serving. All your body is going to do with all that protein is break it down for energy and can be very stressful on your liver and kidneys.

So forgo your supplements and eat real foods.

Here is my version of a chocolate smoothie made easy and clean!!


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (30 calories)

1 tbsp. cacao powder (10 calories)

2 drops liquid stevia in the raw (to taste)


blend in a mixer and voila! Delicious and only 40 calories!!!. (Have 2!)





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