The ONE and Only

After years of researching every diet plan out there, I have taken parts and pieces from here and there that made sense –scientifically as well as lifestyle – and most importantly, a plan that is easy to stick to. I developed a simple easy diet plan that actually works and I call it “The ONE Diet” It’s the one and only diet plan you will ever need for a lifetime of health, happiness and radiant skin. (yes- good skin comes from within- every thing you eat effects your cell growth and ultimately, your skin. It is true that junk food causes blemishes and ultimately as we age, wrinkles! – email me for more scientific details about that!!)

This is not a diet in any sense of the negative and restrictive word, but rather, it is a lifestyle that truly works and unlike any other, is easy to stick to for life.

My philosophy is very simple and straightforward: – it includes only ONE rule:

You can only eat foods with ONE ingredient, in other words, WHOLE, natural foods.

Of course you can combine these foods together while baking or mixing. In fact, I encourage this and offer my favorite easy to make recipes, which I refer to as “concoctions” on, my, website under “My Recipes”:

Let’s get the negative rules out of the way first; here are the NO’s, The NO WAY, the STAY away from’s:

No Dairy* 

No processed anything

No Soda/Juice

No Sugars

 There. That wasn’t that bad now, was it?

Now for the positive and simple YES’s, the Do’s, the Eat as much of:

Please eat as much as you want of the following super foods and you will never be hungry, your skin will glow and your hair will shine….

  • Nuts – any variety as long as they are raw and unsalted. My personal favorites are walnuts and almonds for health benefits –pack the most nutritional punch- but for taste I love cashews!! Pistachios are the lowest in fat. Stay away from the Planters! No added oils and sugar…. Raw only!
  • Nut butters (careful not to use almond butter that has added cane sugars – only 100% nuts and sea salt is fine. Remember the rule: NO added ingredients! (Careful with nut butters do not eat straight from the jar- it is very easy to lose control of portion and won’t feel just how full you are until you’ve finished half the jar! Portion it out and include in so many recipes.
  • (See for great recipes with nut butters)
  • Fruit – any and all! Do not worry about fruit because sugar content. Natural fruit are terrific for you and offer so many health benefits. Stay away from dried fruit- not ok!
  • Vegetables – any and all, and plenty! This diet should be heavy vegetable based.
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Eggs (yes yolk is good!)
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil/ Coconut Oil
  • Sweet potato (regular potato is not easily digested so stay away.)
  • Spaghetti squash/ Acorn/Butternut
  • 100% Rolled Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Greek Yogurt Plain non fat only* this is the only dairy product allowed
  • Unsweetened Almond milk
  • Stevia/spices/turmeric/cinnamon/cayenne/paprika/sea salt

The above list is literally what I eat every single day for 3 meals and multiple snacks.

A typical day meal plan for me is this:

(I get up at 5:00 A.M. so I don’t have a big appetite first thing) but I always drink a full glass of lemon water (I always fill a 2 liter bottle the night before so ready for me to grab from the fridge). I also have a small cup of warm lemon water just before I drink my coffee- this gets my digestive juices flowing. Because of the no dairy, I use the unsweetened vanilla almond milk (make sure its unsweetened) it is delicious and creamy.

I usually head to the gym first thing in the morning before sunlight so when I return from gym I’m starving and literally take a cold piece of leftover fish (yes you heard me- I said FISH) out of the fridge and eat it while I make my omelet.

I like to include the egg yolk but most often I use liquid egg whites. The Costco brand is the best value. (A helpful hint is prepare Sundays for the week- I stock up at Costco on produce, chicken, eggs, walnuts every week.)

If I don’t have time for an omelet I just eat a few hard-boiled eggs. I also eat fruit, typically berries (you can add non fat plain Greek yogurt with stevia and cinnamon is delicious! – but remember that this is the ONLY diary allowed).

You can add oats but they must be 100% rolled oats only- nothing with flavors. I have a great oatmeal pancake recipe on my website

My lunch consists of the same ingredients every day but varies protein depending on what’s leftover from dinner night before,

So my typical lunch is:

Lettuce/spinach/ kale greens

Baby carrots

Red /yellow/orange peppers

Walnuts (a lot!)




Tuna (or salmon leftover)

Egg (or egg whites hard boiled)

Cashews or almonds

Strawberries (tastes delicious in salad! – but fruit is optional. Play around with different mixtures to see what works for you.)

Sweet potato

I NEVER EVER measure, count calories or worry about portion size- including the nuts and olive oil and avocado- these are all healthy fats that will not –repeat they will NOT– cause weight gain if that’s all you’re eating that’s considered a fat. *Healthy Fats are different than the trans fat you find in junk food like pastries and muffins. A diet rich in monounsaturated healthy fats makes your metabolism work for you, not against you!

(One caveat: careful for nut butters though…. they add up quickly and can be devoured without thinking – use portion control!)

But it’s the sugar and carbs in processed foods that cause weight gain, not the healthy fats.

Here’s the rule of thumb:

Fat is your Friend and SUGAR is the enemy

I also snack midday  (eat every 3-4 hours to keep up metabolism) on handful of raw nuts maybe some carrots and avocado (make my own guacamole with just lemon juice and paprika).

After work while preparing dinner I snack on avocado mixed with some lemon and spices and baby carrots, cut up peppers, cucumbers and more nuts (and sometimes a glass of wine –enjoy!).

For dinner, I eat same type of foods as I do for lunch – sometimes add a cooked vegetable like baked cauliflower (I like to use hand mixer to blend very cooked cauliflower tastes like mashed potatoes)

Or I love spaghetti squash with tomato sauce

I love the omega 3’s and 6’s in fatty Fish.

(I have easy salmon patty recipe on my website)

My meals usually consist of the same things: Protein, Vegetables, Nuts, and Fruit

My snacks are spoonful’s of natural peanut butter or almond butter –or I grab a handful of almonds with a glass of wine and go back to work at night in my home office. Usually before bed, as my dessert, I’ll have an apple – it’s not the best to eat fruit late but it keeps me from eating Oreos and ultimately, people don’t get fat from too much fruit, they get fat from too much junk!

 No carbohydrate after 5:00pm for weight loss. IF you are in maintenance phase then enjoy brown rice or Sweet potato with dinner.

FYI this is my shopping cart on a typical Sunday:







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