Is your plate half full or your pocket book half empty?….

As you know, (because I tell you all the time) The NY Post is my favorite paper. I read it everyday so that I can keep up with the important events that are taking place in the world, such as which restaurant Amal and George Clooney had dinner in the night before. Or even more significant world events that really provoke you to think- like Tiger and Lindsey’s recent break up.

So the other day I read an article about the latest restaurant trend that caters to the uber healthy weight conscious crowd. (I.e.; all of NYC.)

Finally! New York has figured out the answer to quick weight loss! Sounds too good to be true but apparently this latest diet trend is catching on! The new health trend that is taking off all across the city in the hottest restaurants is some thing referred to as:

‘Half portion plates’.

That’s correct! Now you can go in to your favorite fancy restaurant and order a half size portion of your favorite meal- and the best part is – you still get to pay full price!

You can imagine how relieved these NY’ers are that they now don’t have to stress over such important decisions like what to do with a FULL meal that you just can’t finish? apparently, it’s just too much work to leave the leftovers on your plate or ask for a doggy bag to hand to the homeless or reheat for next day’s lunch – when you simply can not finish your meal. For those of you who just can’t be bothered having to do all that work of asking for a bag – now you finally have the solution- you can simply pay full price for a half meal.

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I couldn’t help thinking that this sounded so familiar to me already – it seemed to me that the option to have half size plates has been around for years…….

Lesson Learned:

When your life gets to that point where you stress over portion sizes you should stop and think just how lucky you are.

When your body tells you it is not worth it, do you stop?…..

People always ask me how I think about things to write about. My answer is always the same: I write about what provokes me to think.

Everyday occurrences trigger something that is either comical or satirical to me in some way and instead of talking about it (I hate gossip and try to avoid it as much as possible) I simply write about it.

When I’m writing about people anonymously –even though it’s for all the world to see- it seems less harmful than speaking about someone specifically. I truly believe I’m altruistic in that way. A heroine of some sorts. I speak for the people. (Ok, Ok, I got a little carried away there- but you get my drift- I enjoy making fun of life and everyone in it.)

Besides, there is just so much material out there.

My favorite ‘go to’ place for inspiration is Publix, but when in desperate need of something fresh, I peruse the aisles at Walmart.


Meanwhile at Walmart, cart driving heffers block the isle for a kiss. Did they know how funny they L@@K?

But the other night I was feeling lazy and still hadn’t thought about anything creative to write about. I had bloggers block.

I was watching Fox News and it was all about the new candidates for 2016.

It occurred to me that I should write about the big announcement that has been impending for months and months. First she was, then she wasn’t, but now it’s official…..

Gisele has announced that she is retiring from the runway!!!

No one saw that coming.

Yup, she announced that she had to retire from modeling because, as she said:

“Automatically, my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop.”

Wow. A model that listens to her body, now that’s rare.

I find it somewhat refreshing when I hear about a celebrity that is actually in tune with reality to know when she no longer needs to compete with those half her age. Giselle is one of the rare ones that I find to be naturally beautiful and even if she has had work done, it is too subtle for me to notice anything beyond her natural glow.

Sure, she was blessed with incredible genes (although I do feel a little sorry for her sister, half her size and twice her girth) but Giselle does not seem to fall into the trap of desperation to stay unnaturally young looking like so many models and actresses who opt for plastic surgery often do.

I say good for you, Giselle! We all know you will still be ranked among the wealthiest women from your endorsements and products but now you will have more time to focus on other projects you are passionate about. (Like preaching to new mothers everywhere how easy it is to lose the baby weight just by breast feeding.)

Lesson Learned:

We should al listen to our bodies. They are wise enough to know when they have had enough. It’s our brains that often push us to keep going, which is a good thing for the most part, but sometimes its ok to just accept that it will be worth it to stop.

Now for your viewing and listening pleasure- a favorite of mine: