My Recipes


Not your Mom’s green smoothie

I grew up in a house of junk. Literally and figuratively- junk was out at all times of the day.

My house was the house everyone wanted to come to because we had no curfew and junk food was available and sitting out all day and all night (that’s because everyone was too lazy to put anything away and my mom-(love you dearly if you’re reading this) – is a pack rat and let’s just say the opposite of a germaphobe.

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure if I went back to the house I grew up in, I would find a shoe box filled with coupons from 1979 still sitting in the corner of the dining room.

I rarely saw a pitcher of water. The healthiest drink in our fridge (or so I thought) was concentrated orange juice made from a frozen can of Tropicana. (Which, incidentally, is delicious eaten straight from the can in the frozen state- like a Popsicle).

At Friday night dinner, my brothers and I would have a contest of who could mix up the best drink using all the sodas on the table – we would mix the different flavors of soda together in specific amounts to see which elixir tasted the best.

We referred to this as our “concoctions” and to this day I love to concoct.

I concoct everything food related and that’s how I come up with my great (I mean gross) sounding – yet healthy- recipes. The best part about all my recipes is that I only use foods that have ONE ingredient. No added chemicals or preservatives. I am also very conscious of making very easy simple step recipes- so even my kids can make dinner- and often do!!





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