It’s All in Your Mind…..

It’s all in your mind….

Now is the perfect stage to address the most important muscle of all…..
MIND MUSCLE. The mind is a very funny muscle in and of itself as it can be weak one minute and strong the next! It’s illogical, irrational and emotional, which makes it the EASIEST muscle to strengthen because it’s the only muscle you can actually control development.
It is essential to understand and accept that our WILLPOWER and DISCIPLINE are just like any other muscles in our bodies – they need to be strengthened and worked on daily to develop muscle memory.
It is normal to digress into old habits and routine and lapse from time to time. Shit happens.
That’s why we need to strengthen our muscle memory for control and focus.
When people ask me – is fitness mostly exercise or mostly diet?
Again, I answer “YES”.
There is no question that ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN but the recipe is prepared in the MIND first.
My weakness: Digressing into old patterns of behavior and slipping into bad habits the minute a stressful situation hits me. Instead of hitting it right back- with my newly strengthened mind muscle- i am still weak- and allow myself to sabotage the entire week of strength training my cognizant muscle.
When starting a new routine or workout regimen  you need to understand that The SELF CONTROL “muscle” is still frail and needs to be reinforced with powerful daily mental workouts.
Once we stop working out that muscle – it becomes weaker and weaker. The MIND muscle is the fastest to go into atrophy if we don’t work it out CONSTANTLY.
TIPS to strengthen our CEREBRAL MUSCLE :
Change what you’re doing the minute you start to slip into bad behavior. For instance, if you are reaching for the cookies after you’ve already had your share- stop and do 10 jumping jacks!!! Sing a song out loud!!! Do the chicken dance!!! (I suppose you could just just walk out of the room but that’s not as fun)
DIVERT your focus from the bad behavior and CHANGE your action – THIS STRENGTHENS muscle memory!!!!
I am unsatisfied with my first week of mind workouts. I have been doing the right things in the gym and not quite exercising my diet routine…….this is why I need to stop focusing on the actual food portion of the diet  and reflect on the mind portion of it.
I have to analyze my thought process when selecting poor dietary choices. Ask myself:
What is going on in my head?
What am I thinking when preparing my meal?
What is my mood? Then…….
BAM! WHAM! Change it up!!!
So the remainder of this week I am going to focus my energy  on my mental workouts.
I am going to start today with “I am FOCUSED!” “I am in control of my actions!” If I repeat this ten times (until fatigue) then I have just strengthened my muscle memory where it counts.
Try it.

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